Client Server technology

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Windows Environment

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Exerceo helps to maintain the valuable patient data for providing better information system. Also it insists on stardardising the work flow, patient flow and variours activities, which enhances overall performance of the organisation. Though intranet services management will have access of information at key stroke.

Exerceo provide you with tailor made solution to tackle any issue related to the hospital sectors.

Patient registration, Appointments, Case history, Digital prescription, Patient queue and display of patient information, OPD Billing

Inventory of machines, Machine maintenance reminders, House keeping inventory, Stock of surgical equipments, Kitchen inventory, Maintaining stock of medicines, various stock statements, Requirement statement, Bar code reader facility

Patient registration, Bed allotment & availability, Treatment Documentation, Medication reminders to staff, Discharge card, IPD billing

IPD/OPD Billing, Payroll, Purchase, Expenditure, Ledgers, Define shifts, Attendance, Late comers, Over time, Leave management

In our system, we don't get many faults to fix and so we are in the enviable position of being able to offer fantastic service levels.