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Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts Apps Running on Android, Blackberry, Windows, iOS Tablets

One Good Thing Deserves Another

Add to the luxury of your Hotels, Resorts or Restaurants. This super App is a value replacement to room services or paper menu.
Targeted towards the high-end clientele, Exerceo seeks to add to the experience of the luxury hotels/ restaurants by enhancing the way your clientele

looks at the food menu with a touch of digital, quality and class.
Totally customisable from your normal Desktop PC and requires very few resources other than tablets to operate. Works in online as well as offline mode.
Using a unique iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows or iPad Tablets app and online portal, guests can now order food, drinks and amenities from their own device or those that are table mounted within the hotel. Guests are also able to chat directly with staff through the app.


Room Service

Hotel Room Service App is a customisable digital. Hotel menu offering high resolution pictures and rendering of the food, detailed description of the contents and how the food is prepared and served. Featured also include mini-bar option, concierge, and hotel convenience store.

Restaurant Order

Restaurant app is a customisable digital representation of the traditional restaurant menu offering high-resolution pictures and rendering of the food, detailed description of the contents and the food preparation process.

Exerceo Solution

  • Client can directly book their spa visit.
  • Client can book and customise tours through this facility.
  • Information regarding various tours organised by the hotel with pictures.
  • In case of availability of separate theatre in hotel, shows can be booked.
  • Client can choose from type of spa, cubicle and preferred time through this utility.
  • Details of all massages offered by Resort/Hotel can be uploaded with time required for same.
  • Nodes in Game Zone can be booked by customers as per their preferred time and choice of games/tables.