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Dynamic reports generation

Configo Reports is a flexible project management tool that enables the project manager to effectively plan, organise and control both simple and complex projects. It helps in scheduling and tracking all the activities and monitoring their progress.

Configo Reports effectively compartmentalises the project specification enabling optimal usage of available resources.

Reconciliation of project with respect to materials can be done at a click of a button. Yearly reconciliation of all projects / client wise is very easily available.

Graphical Representation of project status


Dynamic Report Generation: The user has an option either to use pre formatted reports or to dynamically arrange columns according to specific need.

Status Reports: Various types of reports showing the status of projects, operations, inspection, dispatch and packing.

This software is scalable to handle even the largest operations, yet tailored for quick and efficient implementation and operation.
 It provides fully integrated, up to the minute project management information.

┬áSub-contracts can also be meticulously managed as the software helps in tracking the supply of material and work allotted to various contractors along with    their dates of completion. Configo Reports enables the user to track the dispatch of material & implementation.

   In order to retain a competitive edge in a market place, enterprises find them constantly trying to optimize their business process execution.

Configo Reports is a step in the right direction.